Plumbing is another common item that needs to be maintained.  The most common areas of concern which are checked during a home inspection are the angle stop valves which control the flow of water from the wall to the faucets.  They often corrode and become a potential leaking point or do not work to turn off the water in a more urgent situation. 

The other big one is definitely the drains.  In older homes the cast iron sewer lines are generally a concern but there are also many items that can create issues before anything reaches the main sewer line.  The small leak under the kitchen sink can damage cabinets, walls and more.  Most of these valve and drain issues under the sinks like loose drains, improper sloping, or leaks can be corrected as well for around $100 per sink.  This is also roughly the cost to have a problematic sink drain snaked.

Water heaters are another plumbing related issue that commonly shows up on the home inspection report.  This can be things like proper strapping and blocking or flexible water and gas lines allowing for movement during a seismic type event.  In California area most water heaters are gas powered and recommendations tied to the flue and venting are commonly exposed as on a water heater inspection.  The strapping can be a relatively easy low cost fix if there is good access to the unit.  When the unit is set back in a closet or similar cubby it may need to be un-installed to add the proper strapping. This make this repair a similar amount of labor as installing a new heater so it can range between $400 and $500.

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