Let’s talk about the roof regards to a home inspection report.  If the roof is not in good shape this can have a compounding effect on the issues that will come up with a home if not properly maintained.  It’s no surprise though that most people do not go up and take a look at their roof until a problem has occurred OR the home inspector heads up for a look. 

The most common issues we see is the roof covering itself.  The asphalt shingle roof will deteriorate over time, the nails will pop out that were used to secure the shingles and in really worn roofs you will see the shingles are cracked and have lost most of their effectiveness, leaving just the paper underneath protecting the wood sheathing.  For around $500-600 dollars we are able to correct the small sections that need repairs, seal up popped nails.  If the roof needs a full replacement that really depends on the materials and the size but can cost anywhere $12,000 on a smaller roof and larger ones can be two or three times that cost. 

On the tile roofs we often see tiles that have cracked or slipped out of place.  These roofs are expensive but very durable.  Most of the slipped and cracked or broken tiles called out on an inspection can also be repaired for $500-$600.  

The next most common item that gets flagged on a roof is the plumbing vents that penetration the roof.  Because of this they need to be properly flashed and sealed.  So of the best methods of accomplishing this have changed over time so what may have been acceptable at the time the roof was installed has changed and will generally be add to the list of issues in the report.  Depending on the size of the roof and the issues with the plumbing vents this can be repaired for $250-$500.  

Lastly, we see a lot of issues with drainage of water from the roof.  Proper flashing and and gutter systems go a long way to keep water from intruding into a property and y we will often see lots of little things that seem like an afterthought be really make an impact, things like kick-out, cricket and drip edge flashings. 

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