Like so many other startups TheQwikFix was born while I was trying to deal with my own problems selling real estate that we had rehabbed.  For over 15 years I have been rehabbing homes, starting with an out of date 1980s condo which I lived in at the time to more recently having built a system to routinely find great deals, acquire them and systematically rehab and sell them for a profit.  This is purely a side hustle business that I have worked hard to create systems for so that it does not take a significant amount of my time from day to day while I focus on my corporate career with with a cyber security software startup.  

One of the issues we would deal with was finishing one property and moving the crews to the next project which was also keeping them busy.  After the previous property went under contract the home inspector would always find something that the buyers would want fixed from the report. Generally we would agree since we had a network of contractors but wait, they were already busy on the next house.  We were now struggling to find guys to do a handful of generally small quick fixes.  We also didn’t have a good system to document this repairs to show the buyer.  

For us that was a challenge because eventually one of our contractors who had missed something would go back and correct for no cost to us but that left me with no proof the repairs were completed by a licensed contractor and that I had paid them which is generally what the buyers want to see.  After one transaction that was particularly difficult I asked my agent if dealing with Repair Requests was a common issue?  I asked if there was a company that could make that problem go away for real estate agents would he use them?  The answer was “I have 4 or 5 deals I would give you today if you built that!” 

We did a little more investigation and could not find any company in California that may have solved this problem so we immediately saw an opportunity.  As we continued our search we found companies that were using national databases to create quotes for repairs but none of the work could actually be completed by them.  We found a few construction companies that you could email the list to in a few states but nothing like the technology we have already built and for sure nothing like we are envisioning for the future. 

Our belief is that we can streamline and bring transparency to this process with our technology. This includes way more than just a quote for each item on the Repair Request too.  There are also challenges to be solved with licensed contractors.  The systems we are building not only provide accurate actionable quotes and work orders for our clients and contractors but systems for scheduling, proof of services and much more.  The fact that we can also take our payment from escrow out of the proceeds of the sale are also a nice bonus for everyone involved in the transaction.  This truly aligns everyone’s incentives to get the deal done which includes handling the Repair Request with quality systems.  Of course if you are the buyer we can schedule to complete the work generally right after you take ownership and receive payment with a variety of options. 


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