How much better would it be if you had your buddy that knew everything about cars when you went into the mechanic or the used car lot? Someone to help validate what the other person was suggesting on a topic you did not know a lot about. Whether that is interpreting what the mechanic is saying or believing what the sales person is selling.

I mean, you likely already have started working with an agent to help you buy a home, something most people only do a few times in life. Why not work with TheQwikFix who has seen thousands of home inspections and made the repairs from all these repair requests!

A home inspection report is similar to the report you get from a mechanic after an oil change. It may even have Green, Yellow and Red to indicate what the findings are on different aspects of your vehicle. You sort of take their word for what is right and wrong. On top of this when they come in and show you a filter and say it needs to be changed and they are holding it next to a brand new one of course it looks better so you just say “yes please replace it” without knowing the costs ahead of time or if it is competitive.

This is where the TheQwikFix fits in as a transparent middle place between home buyers or agents and the contractors. We have insight more home inspections that any agent, we have more a variety of home inspection report types, software solutions and more so we are well versed in the back and forth that is the home inspection and repair request.

We also have a network of contractors and pricing that is pre-agreed to which is competitive and fair for all parties. Not to mention much faster and simpler for all parties. The contractor does not have spend time chasing the next contract and the client does not have to make appointments, wait for the contractor and hope they respond.

Still not sure about TheQwikFix and the value we can provide. We have started a series of videos that will take common items flagged in home inspection reports and actually show you what is the issue and why, how much things like this cost to repair and the process of completing these repairs.

In most cases the items are just differed maintenance that is being called out, or maintenance that has led to other issues and in many cases the items are safety related and were not code when the home was build but should be considered as a safety upgrade, things like more smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and much more.

Can can subscribe to these videos here and follow along as we take my house and begin to work on thing starting in the Attic, Branch Circuit Conductors, Counters & Cabinets and on to Drains as we make our way to Z.


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