The Main Electrical Panel is a source of many issues in home inspection reports and rightfully so as you want to be extremely careful with electricity to avoid the dangers of shocking yourself or connections arching and starting a fire.

Some of the items discussed will be called on an inspection and they are quick and easy fixes, others are signs that unprofessional work was completed and the buyer or inspector should be on the lookout even more than normal. In this episode, we discuss pig-tailing or double-tapping a main breaker which is commonly done as a quick way to add another circuit but it has the potential to overload the system and create issues for the homeowner.

We also see the Zinsco Panel get flagged for further inspection by a licensed electrician. These panels have been reported to not “trip” even when overloaded causing fires due to excessive heat. If you are planning a major remodel after purchase you should budget for replacement, however, if not, you should have an electrician do a more thorough inspection for scorching and other signs of failure.

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