Drains are a common issue that is checked by home inspectors and almost always show up as a problem with most homes. Plumbing can be an intimidating area to tackle for a lot of homeowners generally speaking but the common issues are relatively easy to deal with AND/OR not very expensive to correct. Left uncorrected though they can be costly repairs. A small leak in a drain can slowly damage and rot out the floor of the cabinet. These cabinets are like a piece of furniture that is bolted to the wall. Making repairs to cabinets is something that usually requires a specialist and makes things cost much more than a little routine maintenance.

In our most recent video, we look at a slow draining sink and make a quick repair by pulling the drain apart, cleaning it out and re-assembling.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the task. In some cases, the cause of the slow drainage is located further down the drain line and not in a place that can be taken apart and cleaned. In those cases, we need to snake the drain reaching further down the line to either push through something in the way or pull back a clog and remove it. In many of those cases, the culprit is baby wipes being thrown into the drain line, possibly at a nearby toilet which is tempting but should be avoided.

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