Next up on our journey through a home inspection and the common repair requests we look at countertops and cabinets. These fixes are things most homeowners can accomplish on their own and potentially save hundreds if not thousands with a little maintenance here and there.

The area where your countertops meet your backsplash whether it is in your bathroom or kitchens if not properly sealed the water that splashes around can seep between the backsplash and the counter potentially damaging the wall or cabinets or flooring. This is something that usually happens slowly over time making it less obvious until the problem is big and more expensive to repair.

Similarly with your cabinets a small problem with a hinge or the alignment may not be big deal but over time they wear and tear of not closing properly can damage the cabinet beyond repair creating a much more expensive repair item. Similar with a leaking drain slowly dripping on the cabinet floor we see this ruin the particle board. It takes a skilled carpenter or cabinet specialist to surgically remove a piece of a cabinet and replace it with new wood.

With a little maintenance here and there you can save a large amount of time and money in the long run. Just like with a car which you routinely take in for oil and filter changes, new tires and brakes, homes are much the same and thing get worn over time but with proper maintenance they last longer and are less expensive to repair in total.

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