Roughly one-third of home inspections we review have something flagged in regards to Branch Circuit Conductors. The most common item is the use of extension cords or Romex wiring not being enclosed in the wall or attic.

The most common issue is exterior power usage. If you need electricity in the back yard somewhere to power your patio lighting for example it is easy to just plug an extension cord into the exterior outlet and provide the power. The issue with this is that you know have a trip hazard OR you maybe buried the cord which is also not a safe option. On top of this most extension cords are not UV rated and will deteriorate over time.

In this episode, we cover how to upgrade the exterior cover so that an extension cord can be used for longer periods of time and also re-work our patio lighting and connect it into our existing landscape lighting. This allows us to leverage the timer and the 12volt system which is a safer system for the exterior lighting.

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