We are appropriately starting at the top, whether it is the alphabet or your home “A” for Attic is where we will be starting this journey through a typical home inspection report.

There is a lot going on in most attics and a typical home inspector is going to spend a little time moving around the attic looking for areas of concern and signs of potential problems. They will look at the structure itself, they will look at the sheathing for stains or signs of roof leaks. They will look at the insulation, the wiring, the HVAC system and more.

The biggest challenge with the attic is that is a little more difficult to access. This makes it harder for the average home owner to keep an eye on things and therefore maintenance items go without care or problems can fester before they are identified often creating more damage.

Some of the most common issues in the attic are rodent or other pest infestations. This is followed by issues created when other work was completed. Maybe the lighting was upgraded to can lighting in a room below. The wiring may not have been completed correctly, the insulation was moved around during the process and not returned or the can lights are not approved for insulation touching them and clearance is needed.

Your HVAC system is often flagged for one reason or another. They should have a drip pan underneath as well as primary and secondary drain line for condensation. This needs to have the appropriate trap and venting system as well. These have seen a lot of upgrades over recent time to prevent water damage from occurring so older homes are often flagged for missing those upgrades.

The attic is also a good place look for clues of issues with the roofing system and damaged sheathing can an early indication of a leaking roof.

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