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New technology companies are changing the way real estate is transacted and the folks who resist these changes may go the way of the dinosaur. I am afraid.  For example, some of the technology is connected to the tools a home […]
In this episode, we look at many of the areas that come up in home inspections around Faucets and Fixtures as part of your plumbing system. This area of a home inspection generally turns up the most issues for homes […]
The Main Electrical Panel is a source of many issues in home inspection reports and rightfully so as you want to be extremely careful with electricity to avoid the dangers of shocking yourself or connections arching and starting a fire. […]
Drains are a common issue that is checked by home inspectors and almost always show up as a problem with most homes. Plumbing can be an intimidating area to tackle for a lot of homeowners generally speaking but the common […]
Next up on our journey through a home inspection and the common repair requests we look at countertops and cabinets. These fixes are things most homeowners can accomplish on their own and potentially save hundreds if not thousands with a […]
Roughly one-third of home inspections we review have something flagged in regards to Branch Circuit Conductors. The most common item is the use of extension cords or Romex wiring not being enclosed in the wall or attic. The most common […]