24 Hours or less

We will have your quote back to you within 24 hours. No hassle of scheduling contractors and dealing with multiple quotes. 

licensed contractors

We have a team of licensed contractors on  deck to get your repairs completed before closing if you are the seller, or after if you are the buyer.

options for everyone

Pay by credit card, check or even out of escrow! No matter which side of the transaction you are on we have you covered.

How does it work?

Simply upload your inspection report along with a repair request and our technology will and the rest.

TheQwikFix is in constant contact with our network of contractors and will create a quote using our most up to date labor and material costs along with years of experience to create a highly accurate and executable quote.

What do you get?

Buyer/Seller/Agent: We provide value.

Sellers and listing agents – You will get a detailed invoice to share with the buyers side of the transaction regarding all of the work you chose to have completed. You can pay us after the sale straight out of escrow!

If you are the home buyer and the seller choses not to complete the repairs you can still use TheQwikFix to do so after closing! As an agent you can use our quote as a bargaining chip to get a better deal for your client.


The quote fee will be credited towards any work you chose to have completed by TheQwikFix.


Ability to request unlimited edits to add, remove or clarify the quote as needed.


Upload any additional reports (sewer inspection, etc.) and these will be tied into the quote as well.


You chose when to have the work down whether it be before or soon after closing.


Whether you don’t want to pay up front or you’re an agent on commission, the funds can be paid straight out of escrow.


Share the quote with anyone directly on the platform.

Client Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for it – Here’s what our clients have to say:

TheQwikFix works great for both sellers & buyers, the service is amazing and the breakdown of work being done helps everyone truly understand and takes the guesswork out. It’s an essential part of my business, that I don’t know how we lived without.

Richard Elias

Compass Real Estate

The entire team at TheQwikFix are not only wonderful to work with but backed by a solid group of professionals. From start to finish they provide quality workmanship and service and the convenience of what they offer for our company and clients saves us so much time and energy. Thank you!

Serri Rowell

Sea Villa Realty

TheQwikFix has helped me save a ton of time while being able to help protect my clients by actually getting to understand the costs behind those long lists of repairs. To have one source complete the repairs for the seller or buyer after escrow instead of having to coordinate with multiple contractors has been life changing.

Gary Massa

Compass Real Estate

We had a great experience with TheQwikFix and would highly recommend them to anyone going through the home buying/selling process as it pertains to dealing with requests for repairs. Their team was very professional and efficient and the amount of time, effort and cost they saved us by serving as a one-stop-shop was invaluable. I highly recommend TheQwikFix.

Andrew Bayer


I’m a Realtor with The Kimo Quance Group and I use TheQwikFix to get estimates on items that need fixed for properties. They get quotes fast and are easy to work with. I highly recommend TheQwikFix.

Kimo Quance

Keller Williams Realty

This service is amazing. Not only am I able to get my client a quick, reliable bid by a licensed contractor, I was also able to save them thousands by using TheQwikFix to do the work. This company is truly an asset to my business.

Tony Elias

Compass Real Estate

I’ve worked with TheQwikFix on a few properties earlier this year and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. The quotes for returned within 24-48 hours when requested and itemized clearly to where it is easy to understand. Great tool for any realtor out there.

Toan Nguyen

Compass Real Estate

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