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Let’s talk about the roof regards to a home inspection report.  If the roof is not in good shape this can have a compounding effect on the issues that will come up with a home if not properly maintained.  It’s […]
Today we tackle a slightly more controversial topic, the pre-listing home inspection. Let me start with why some would say that you should not do a home inspection before listing. The reason is that it may turn up something you […]
After the home inspection is completed it can be one of the more stressful parts of buying a home.  No homes, even brand new, are ever perfect, so a good inspector will find flaws with any home out there, it […]
Plumbing is another common item that needs to be maintained.  The most common areas of concern which are checked during a home inspection are the angle stop valves which control the flow of water from the wall to the faucets.  […]
So what are the most common items that inspectors flag in their reports AND more importantly what do those repairs cost?  This is a question that comes up on just about every home purchase but it’s not a question that […]
Like so many other startups TheQwikFix was born while I was trying to deal with my own problems selling real estate that we had rehabbed.  For over 15 years I have been rehabbing homes, starting with an out of date […]